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My name is Malcolm Phillips, the Founder of Freedom Network Design in Clermont, Florida. Join me on a journey, while I divulge the beginning of my passion for technology and computers.

As a young boy, I would hide in my bedroom taking apart electronics, tinkering around to discover their inner working and then ATTEMPT to put them back together. Fast Forward a few years, in High School I was known as the “Walkman Repairman,” setting up shop in lectures, when I was supposed to be listening.

(I know, I have aged myself here, but it is what it is). When I joined the Army, I learned much needed discipline and after being The District Loss Prevention Manager for the largest company in the world, my passion to help others became my drive. These different seasons in my life helped shape my character and values, which have always been firmly rooted in God. Fast forward to 2008, a friend approached me with a job opportunity, which consisted of selling templates for website designs. Being the inquisitive guy that I am, I needed to know ALL the inner workings of the software. As a result of my ambition, my passion for website design emerged.

Today, I’m honored to meet business owners from my area and help design their dream website. I enjoy capturing their passion, vision, and ideas and transforming them into a website

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